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Pui Yi

As with many little girls, Pui Yi received her dance training in Ballet and Jazz when she was a child. As she grew up, she later enhanced her repertoire in Cheerleading, Street dance and Burlesque; having led and choreographed teams for competition. You might recognise her from a few musicals and dance productions where she twirled around as a ballerina, flower, star-struck lover, teenage drama queen and the likes!

For the past few years, Pui Yi has been dancing professionally for various events, commercials and product launches. Having taught dance in both the UK and on home soil, she is familiar with students of all ages. Pui Yi’s strength lies in her versatility and so she draws inspiration from her diverse dance exposure. Her choreography is stylistic; playing on musicality and lyrics to bring out the motion in music.

Pui Yi believes that dance gives freedom and encourages her students to lay their heart on the dance floor (and often times the rest of their body too!). A patient, fun-loving and energetic teacher, she loves to think of new ways and moves to challenge her class whilst guiding them to achieve their goals.

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