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Jason Mambojays

Jason aka Mambojays is a highly respected, popular and gifted Salsa dance instructor. 


His passion for Salsa dancing since 2002 has allowed him to train, dance and teach many students in KL. Jason has successfully introduced many students to Salsa with his abundance of energy and enthusiasm. He believes in promoting a healthy and fun social dancing environment where everyone can dance without fear. His patience and dedication in class is cherished by his loyal students as he continues to inspire those in the KL dance scene.


Fai is a passionate and enthusiastic Salsa dancer and instructor, who is always eager to learn and teach new things.


He started his Salsa journey back in 2002 and has since completed and performed in various local and international events. He believes that with proper technique, anyone can dance! His down-to-earth character and patience gives students the confidence to grow. His desire is not only to teach and motivate people to be better dancers, but to also inspire them to grow as confident individuals.

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