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Farhan first started his dance journey with Salsa & Bachata. It wasn't long before he was introduced to Kizomba and fell deeply in love with it. Guided by the rhythms of Kizomba music, he started adding his own flair to the dance and garnered a lot of attention on the social dance floor for his fusion style.

With persuasion from other dancers who were keen to dance like him, Farhan is now teaching Fusion Kizz to share his unique style of dance!


Adela's love for Salsa started after her first class back in 2008. She has since explored other dance styles like Bachata, Rueda and Kizomba. She has been assisting her dance instructor since 2011 and has started teaching Salsa on1 since 2017. She has co-choreographed and performed for dance festivals and various social events. Her new found interest for Kizomba has brought her to where she is now in Talent Hub teaching alongside Farhan to share their love for Fusion Kizz. She hopes to inspire many others on the beauty and the interpretation of Fusion Kizz.

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