Talent Hub was founded in 2005 by two dance partners turned business partners, Fiona Jane Gomez and Sanjeev Palar. Growing up, we were both very active in all sorts of extra curricular activities and remember how our parents had to chauffeur us from one class to the next. With that in mind we created a Multi Arts Centre that offered Dance, Drama Music and Martial Arts under one roof.

Back then many of our classes were focused towards children but over the years things have evolved. As the demand started shifting, Talent Hub adapted to the change and grew to match it. We went back to our roots and what we know best – DANCE. Talent Hub now offers a wide range of dance classes for all ages and levels of experience.

Our philosophy has always been that all our classes need to be FUN. Our lives are filled with enough stress – at school, at the office, in KL’s horrendous traffic. Dancing shouldn’t be stressful. It’s a form of self-expression, social interaction, and exercise. Talent Hub strives to create a stress-free, happy and FUN environment, making dance accessible to everyone.

Our doors have been open for eleven wonderful years and we’ve taught many left feet a chasse or two. Fiona now runs Talent Hub full time with her fantastic team of instructors, while Sanjeev has moved to Spain with his beautiful wife and adorable daughter.

Fiona Jane Gomez FIONA

Chan Pui YiPUI YI

Jason MambojaysJASON

Rebecca AlveyREBECCA

Vivian ChanVIVIAN