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Love of movement has been present throughout Polly's whole life. Alongside ballet, tap and modern dance classes as a child, she also kept up a steady stream of other activities including horse riding, yoga and swimming. This rigorous routine tapered away while she was at university, but she discovered Bhangra dancing in her early 20’s and the joy of movement was again ignited. 

Polly moved to Cyprus with her husband, and started teaching creative dance. She never felt like she had a traditional ‘dancer’s body’ and this made her self-conscious, often casting a cloud over the love that she felt teaching these classes. 


It was the discovery of Nia, when Polly moved to China 6 years ago, that changed the way she looked at things. Nia gave her the tools to teach dance and movement in a different way, to both children and adults. Nia embraces the individual and celebrates differences rather than shaming those that don’t fit the mold, combining everything she values in a movement practise. 

Discovering acroyoga, the art of partner and acrobatic yoga, gave Polly yet another opportunity to grow. Finding trust in herself and others was a huge challenge but perseverance paid off and once again, she found joy in connecting with others and letting go of body insecurities.

Polly's movement journey continues to this day with a new life in KL. She's excited to get the chance to pass on her experience and to help others find their joy of movement. 

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